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The multi-functional gas pedal tuning

Give your car a new character and optimize response and reaction time with the new IOPEDAL. The innovative wireless concept that gives you ultimate control over your accelerator pedal.


The main features

  • 4 different driving modes - each with 5 subprograms  
  • wireless Remote Control - flexible operation 
  • Auto-Ranging function - Smart calibration
  • Advanced security features  
    • secureMode 
    • valetMode    
  • TÜV - Registration free

The features at a glance


Wireless Remote Control
Simply beautifull controls

Auto-Ranging function
Intelligent calibration

4 driving modes
With each 5 subprograms

Limit your vehicle's performance

Warm-Up timer
Take your time to get up to temperature


Anti-theft protection

Wireless Remote-Control


With the Remote Control it's easy to adjust your IOPEDAL without losing sight of the essentials. Driving-mode, security-status, connection- and battery-information are all available at a push of a button. The RGB LEDs allow for an intuative operation of the IOPEDAL. 

You can switch through the various driving modes using the Left- and Right-buttons. With the Mode-button you can switch to the subprogram of the current driving mode. There you have the possibility to adjust each driving mode in 5 further subprograms. The selected setting is always signaled to you via the RGB LEDs. 

With the supplied holder and the mounting pads, the remote control can be flexibly mounted in the cockpit in sight or if you want a bit more hidden. 




From now on, the IOPEDAL can also be controlled with the new smartphone app. Operation is just as easy and intuitive as with the remote control. The IOTUNING app can be downloaded free of charge from the relevant app stores for Android and Apple smartphones.


IOPEDAL Smartphone-App


Auto-Ranging function

The IOPEDAL has an intelligent calibration function. After installation, all the necessary information from your accelerator pedal is analyzed and processed into optimized and individual maps. This means, the individual driving modes (driving programs) are automatically adapted to the characteristics of your accelerator pedal. With this revolutionary technology, all the potential of your vehicle is determined and set to work.

In addition to the auto-ranging function, the control unit has a number of other interesting functions and setting options, for example:
  • Warm-Up timer
  • Flavor Select
  • Security mode
  • Valet mode


Driving Modes

With the 4 different Driving Modes you can tune your vehicle to any situation at any time. 
Too much traffic or unfamiliar environment? With this mode, you can take it easy. The reaction of your accelerator pedal is reduced - especially when starting from a standstill. Your stress level will thank you.

Let us help you to reduce your fuel consumption and save money. This driving mode combined with an eco-driving-style can help you to save money.


This driving mode gives your car a sporty disposition. Your car will have a significantly better response, smooth acceleration and a reduced throttle lag.
When the sportMode just isn't enough...

To give you a better feel for the functions and how to use the remote control unit, we have created a short video about it.


The secureMode and valetMode

Special situations require special skills. With these additional functions you can also master them:
Activate the secureMode and at the next start of your vehicle, your accelerator pedal will be disabled. This provides an additional security layer for your vehicle and prevents theft. The accelerator pedal will unlock as soon as the remote control is activated.

You don't feel comfortable handing over your vehicle to a driving service or an inexperienced driver? Then simply limit the power of your vehicle. With the valetMode you can limit the range of your accelerator pedal so that only a limited range and power is available. 
Wireless Remote-Control
30 days return policy
Direct from the manufacturer
4 drivingModes
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