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Déclaration sur les cookies

Your privacy is your business!

We use cookies and tracking methods so that we can give you detailed recommendations and provide you with selected recommendations. You can refuse or customize the use of cookies. You can find more information in our privacy policy. There you can check at any time which services we use and also change the settings subsequently.You can decide for yourself whether and to what extent you agree to these services.

Necessary Cookies:

Cookie-Name Domain Runtime
GXConsents 1 Jahr
GXsid_aef028ea5a73183f Session
oil_cookie_exp Session
oil_data 1 Jahr

PayPayl payment service:
These cookies are set by PayPal to enable payments on this website. PayPal also uses cookies on its website to recognize its customers and shorten the time it takes the user to log in to their PayPal account by retrieving their emails in the PayPal database.
Cookie-Name Domain Runtime
nsid Session
LANG 1 Day
l7_az 1 Day
ts 3 Years
ts_c 3 Years
tsrce 3 Days
x-pp-s Session
sc_f 5 Years
TLTSID Session
cookie_check 10 Years
d_id 10 Years
x-cdn Session
c 20 Years

Amazon Pay-Payment service:
These cookies are set by Amazon Pay to enable payments on this website.
Cookie-Name Domain Laufzeit
apay-session-set 1 Day
csm-hit 1 Years
session-id 1 Years
session-id-time 1 Years
session-token 1 Years
ubid-acbde 1 Years

Statistik Cookies::


Cookie from Google for website analytics. Generates statistical data about how the visitor uses the website.
Cookie-Name Domain Runtime
_ga 2 Years
_ga_T34BZSGWHQ 2 Years
_gat_gtag_UA_ 1 Hour
_gid 1 Day

Marketing Cookies::


Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool. It allows us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising by analyzing actions that people perform on our website.
Cookie-Name Domain Runtime
_fbp 1 Year