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IOPEDAL App-Control

From now on, the IOPEDAL can also be controlled with the new smartphone app. The operation is just as intuitive as the operation with the wireless remote. The IOTUNING app can be downloaded free of charge from the relevant app stores for Android and Apple smartphones.
IOPEDAL Smartphone-App


Selection of the different driving program

The various driving programs can be selected as desired directly on the display by clicking. The activated driving program is colored in the focus as shown in the picture. 
IOPEDAL Smartphone-App


Fine tuning of a driving program

When a driving program is activated, the selection menu for fine-tuning is also displayed below. Fine-tuning is divided into 5 levels in the smartphone app in the same way as it is on the remote control. By selecting the individual levels, the selected driving program is adapted to the respective vehicle and is used for individual tuning.
IOPEDAL Smartphone-App


Setting the valetMode

ValetMode is a central safety function of the IOPEDAL. You can activate or deactivate this function by moving the lock slider from left to right. Similar to the Remote Control view, five individual levels for adjusting the vehicle power are displayed below. These power levels can be easily and conveniently selected and adjusted via your smartphone.
IOPEDAL Smartphone-App


Activation of the secureMode

Similar to ValetMode, SecureMode is activated or deactivated via the lock slider. When SecureMode is activated, this function remains permanently switched on. This means that the additional immobilizer must be deactivated briefly each time the engine is started. To do this, simply start the app. The IOPEDAL ECU recognizes this and activates the accelerator pedal for normal driving.
IOPEDAL Smartphone-App