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The installation of the IOPEDAL is really simple. We have shown the assembly schematically in five steps. Further important information on the installation as well as on the many functions of the IOPEDAL can be found in the operating instructions:
Wireless Remote-Control

Step 1:
Switch off the ignition, keep the key outside the vehicle and wait approx. 10 minutes. Then disconnect the plug from the accelerator pedal.

Step 2:
Then connect the supplied cable to the accelerator pedal and finally to the vehicle's original wiring harness.
4 drivingModes

Step 3:
Then fix the cable and the IOPEDAL module in such a way that the pedals of your car are not affected. Use the supplied fixing material (adhesive pad and cable ties). 
IOPEDAL-Einbau: Schritt 4

Step 4:
After installation, switch on the ignition. With the first start-up of the IOPEDAL, the input signals of the accelerator pedal are analyzed (auto-ranging mode).
IOPEDAL-Einbau: Schritt 5

Step 5:
Then slowly depress the accelerator pedal to the full throttle position and hold for approx. 2 seconds. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times. The system is then fully configured and a test drive can be carried out. 
Installation example for the IOPEDAL in the VW Golf VII GTI 245PS: