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Discover the Future of Energy Management for Camping and Work

The IOPEDAL, known for its outstanding function as a throttle tuning tool, has undergone an exciting innovation. We are now proud to present the IOPEDAL with the brand-new High Idle function, to better meet your camping and work needs. We have taken our proven technology to the next level to offer you an even more comprehensive energy experience.

Why Choose the IOPEDAL with High Idle Function?

  • Proven Technology: The IOPEDAL has already established itself as a throttle tuning device and has now been enhanced with the High Idle function.

  • Efficient Energy Supply: The new High Idle function provides a fast and efficient way to efficiently charge your auxiliary batteries and meet your energy needs.

  • Maximum Security: SecureMode - an immobilizer that additionally protects your vehicle from theft. With this feature, you can park your vehicle safely without worrying about unauthorized access.

  • Easy Installation: The IOPEDAL can be easily integrated into your existing vehicle configuration and is simple to install and operate.

  • Reliability: Rely on the proven quality and durability of the IOPEDAL, no matter what application it is used for.

For Camping and Off-Road - The Energy Source You Can Rely On

Camping is all about independence and experiencing nature. The IOPEDAL has already made a strong presence as the ultimate throttle tuning tool, and now it goes a step further.

With the new High Idle function, the IOPEDAL increases the idle speed of your vehicle to optimal values to efficiently and quickly charge your auxiliary batteries. Enjoy longer camping trips without worrying about dead batteries.

The IOPEDAL ensures that your electronic devices and lighting are always ready for use, so you can fully enjoy nature.

For Work Machines - More Power for Your Auxiliary Units

In the world of hard work, the IOPEDAL was already a proven solution.

Now with the High Idle function, it offers increased RPM, giving more power to your auxiliary units like winches and other equipment.

Whether you are in agriculture, construction, or other demanding industries, the IOPEDAL ensures that you can complete your tasks more efficiently and quickly. Boost your work productivity and rely on the proven performance of the IOPEDAL.


The video was created by our partner from the USA, California: Agile Offroad


With the IOPEDAL with High Idle function, user-friendliness is paramount. We have designed it so that you have effortless control over your vehicle's performance. With the new smartphone app or the convenient remote control, controlling it is easier than ever.

The Smartphone App - Your Vehicle Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Our smartphone app offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to control your IOPEDAL comfortably from your mobile device. Just download the app, connect it to your IOPEDAL, and you're ready to go. Adjust the idle RPM, power, and other settings to your liking, whether you're at the campsite or on the construction site. The intuitive user interface makes customization a breeze.


The Remote Control  

For those who prefer to use a physical remote control, we offer the convenient remote control. With this handy remote, you can control the settings of your IOPEDAL directly and without detours. The controls are simple and easy to understand, so you maintain full control wherever you are..




Currently available for:

 All Mercedes Sprinter models with 3.0 liter V6 engine (OM642)

All Mercedes Sprinter models with 2.0 liter 4 cyl. engine (OM654)

 Coming soon: Ford Transit

Please contact us if your vehicle is not included.