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IOPEDAL - The multi-functional gas pedal tuning for your Audi
Optimize the driving characteristics of your Audi A6 Hybrid with the new IOPEDAL. Use the multitude of functions to improve your dull everyday vehicle life. Experience pure driving fun by significantly optimizing the response and reaction time of your vehicle.


The main features

  • 4 functional driving programs - each with 5 subprograms
  • Remote Control - flexible operation 
  • Auto ranging function - intelligent calibration
  • Advanced safety functions   
    • secureMode 
    • valetMode    
  • Warm-up timer

Audi A6 Avant (4A5, C8), ab 05-2018, 45 TDI Mild Hybrid quattro (3,0 ltr.), 231PS, 170kW


The special feature of the Audi A6 is the digital accelerator pedal. A few years ago, the VAG Group started to install digital gas pedal pedals instead of analog ones. This new generation of sensors works with a newly developed serial protocol called "SENT". The advantages of this type of sensors are mainly the insensitivity to electromagnetic interference and the cost advantages.
In addition to the numerous functions, the IOPEDAL has the ability to work with both analog and digital signals.

Die wireless Bedienungseinheit lässt sich beim Audi A6 gut zentral auf der Mittelkonsole positionieren. Mit dieser Positionierung ist gewährleistet, dass alle Einstellungen am IOPEDAL intuitiv und auch während der Fahrt durchgeführt werden können.