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IOPEDAL - The accelerator pedal tuning for your Hyundai IONIQ 5

Optimize the driving characteristics of your fully electric Hyundai IONIQ5 with the new IOPEDAL. Use the variety of functions to improve your dreary everyday life in the vehicle. Experience pure driving pleasure by significantly optimizing the response behavior and reaction time of your vehicle.  


The essential properties

  • 4 functional drive programs - each with 5 sub-programs
  • Remote Control - flexible operation
  • Auto-Ranging-Funktion - intelligent calibration
  • Advanced security features   
    • secureMode 
    • valetMode    
  • Easy installation - Plug & Play
  • TÜV-Registration free

HYUNDAI - IONIQ 5 (NE) from 07/2020 - EV 170PS/125kW
With the IONIQ 5, the Korean manufacturer HYUNDAI has launched a declaration of war on the electric car market in 2020. A chic CUV (Crossover Utility Vehicle) with great technology at a base price of around €42,000. We at IOTUNING were thrilled to test drive this great car extensively and to equip the vehicle with the IOPEDAL.

The IONIQ5 can ideally be selected as a parade example for the simple installation of an accelerator pedal tuning. The interior offers a lot of space for installation due to the lack of a continuous center console. The accelerator pedal and the connector are directly accessible without a panel. The connector can be easily detached from the gas pedal and the cable adapter of the IOPEDAL can be connected. Now connect the ECU of the IOPEDAL and stow it on the side under the paneling. The whole installation really takes no more than 5 minutes.

Inside the interior, the remote control of the IOPEDAL can be flexibly attached to different places, depending on taste. The best position for us is in the cockpit between the displays. This allows easy operation without losing sight of the essentials. 

After the short installation and the first commissioning of the IOPEDAL, we started directly with the first test drive. In short, the auto-ranging function worked properly and as expected, the result is a night and day difference. With the IONIQ5 we had the 170hp/125kW variant, i.e. the smallest engine within the model series. The proper standard linear acceleration of the Stromer is again significantly improved by the IOPEDAL. Depending on taste, the sport or xtreme mode offers many setting options to find the optimal driving experience. It was just great fun to drive this vehicle together with the IOPEDAL. Of course, all other functions of the IOPEDAL can be used as usual.

The IOPEDAL gives this vehicle that certain something. It's just fun!! Clear recommendation from the IOTUNING team!