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IOPEDAL - The gas pedal tuning for your Nissan 370Z 

Optimize the driving characteristics of your Nissan 370Z Roadster/Coupe and many other vehicles with the new IOPEDAL. Use the variety of functions to optimize your dreary everyday life in the vehicle. Experience pure driving pleasure by significantly optimizing the response behavior and reaction time of your vehicle.  


The essential properties

  • 4 different driving programs - each with 5 sub-programs
  • Remote Control - flexible operation
  • Auto-ranging function - intelligent calibration
  • Advanced security features 
    • secureMode 
    • valetMode    
  • Easy installation - plug & play
  • TÜV-Registration free

Nissan 370Z Roadster (Z34) 330PS/243kW
The sports coupés of the Z series from the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan have a tradition to this day and have achieved cult status in the process. The car was presented for the first time in 2008 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The 370Z was also available in Europe from April 2009 and was ultimately discontinued in November 2020 without a direct successor. We at IOTUNING were thrilled to equip this great car with our IOPEDAL. After installation, the IOPEDAL was trained briefly and a first test drive was undertaken. The driver and front passenger are more than enthusiastic. Another satisfied customer!

The 3.7-liter engine with 6 cylinders in V-shape already has a decent 328hp in series. Nevertheless, the driver complained about a certain weakness when starting off, inertia or a lack of reaction in the lower to medium speed range. We have had many customers who had complained about exactly this in their vehicles. With the sportMode of the IOPEDAL, we were able to significantly reduce this problem. Our customer thought he would be driving a completely different vehicle and was completely thrilled.  

The installation of the accelerator pedal tuning was also relatively easy on this vehicle. The plug connection is located behind the cover cap as can be seen in the picture. Now just disconnect the plug connection on the gas pedal and install the cable adapter in between. 

Lay the cable carefully and stow the IOPEDAL module in the center console/cockpit area. It is of course important to ensure that the area around the pedals is not impaired or blocked in their movement. So, it is best to stow the cable and the module to the right of the accelerator pedal. 

Finally, teach the IOPEDAL. The auto-ranging function starts automatically when the IOPEDAL is put into operation for the first time. Now switch on the vehicle's ignition and slowly press the gas pedal two to three times to full throttle (including kick-down) and hold it down for about 2 seconds. Done - the IOPEDAL is now fully configured and the test drive can be carried out. The settings can be made intuitively while driving with the wireless remote. Of course, this is also possible with the free app control, but please not while driving.