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IOPEDAL - The multi-functional gas pedal tuning for your Toyota
Optimize the driving characteristics of your Toyota RAV4 Hybrid with the new IOPEDAL. Use the multitude of functions to improve your dull everyday vehicle life. Experience pure driving fun by significantly optimizing the response and reaction time of your vehicle. 

The main features

  • Control via remote control or APP
  • 4 driving programs incl. fine tuning   
  • Flavor Select - More than 20 additional programs
  • Safety functions - secureMode & valtetMode
  • TÜV - Registration free
  • Easy installation - Plug & Play

TOYOTA RAV4 V, 2.5 Hybrid 178PS/131kW, 2487ccm

The installation of the IOPEDAL is very easy to perform. The accelerator pedal is easily accessible, which is why the connection of the cable harness is quickly done. Now just connect the IOPEDAL module to the cable and place it in one of the numerous positions. The easiest way is to position the device under the center console trim that runs to the right of the accelerator pedal.

The cockpit of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid offers different positions for the control unit. The best position for us is in the center of the cockpit, as can be seen in the picture.  This is a perfect place: Not directly visible, but still easily accessible.


The sportier driving characteristics of the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid that are now available are sensational thanks to the IOPEDAL. The engine's response and reaction timmme are much more direct and obviously give the driver a lot of fun. The heavy and otherwise rather sluggish SUV now has a completely new character thanks to the IOPEDAL with simple means and offers the driver with the secureMode additional a better sense of security.